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I know there are times when the pain from abuse can come back in a flash. Either by something someone says or something that someone does. It is called “triggers.”  I know, because I used to get them all of the time.  I want to let you know that when you start healing from your abuse, no matter what it is, the triggers can come every so often, but there will be no pain attached to it. It is an amazing feeling and my heart wants everyone to experience it! I have to admit, that every once in a while, there may come a trigger.  I can recognize it now and even though it may hurt for a moment, I go within and see where it is stemming from. I look at it, deal with it and then heal it. This is why I say we are always “awakening!”  Anyone or anything that hurts you or makes you angry means that you just experienced a trigger. If you can pause for a while and ask yourself, “Why did I react that way, or why did that make me so angry?”  It may take you some time to figure it out, but when you do, you can understand why you got upset at what someone said or did to you. It is always within. It is never outside of yourself.

Looking back on my life, I have come to realize how my dreams, visions, signs, and the people that came into my life were all puzzle pieces for me to connect in the bigger picture of my life! I’ve learned to love the child within. If you don’t understand how to love the child within,  you can google it and it will give you a better understanding. There are many articles out there that explain loving the child within. There are other articles of healing the child within as well.

We are all on our own journeys, climbing the same mountain and looking for one thing. Love. Love is all there is. It is in you and when you feel that love and forgiveness in your heart, you will jump for joy! The forgiveness is not for the other person, but for you. It is always for you!

When you are finished reading “Behind Closed Doors” and “Journey to the Heart,” you will see how I put my puzzle together and it may help you to see your signs, your dreams/visions and the people that have come into your life. Some as friends, some as foes and  some as triggers and it will keep you climbing your mountain, going into your own heart and healing from that you need to heal from! I lost many “friends” along the way. I’ve lost much family along the way. I have had people talk behind my back because the judged me and my journey. They didn’t understand any of it. Why? Because it was for me and not them!  Everyone has their own! There are many today that still judge me. But it doesn’t bother me because I know without a shadow of doubt, everything that has happened to me was for me!  The ones that I came across in my journey were for me, for my healing. It was my path, my  journey and the very one that I needed to heal, love, forgive and become the person I am today!

My heart is that you will see what is on your path for your healing and to connect your own puzzle pieces!

Much love,

Eliza Anne McDaniel

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