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I would like to share some of the beautiful reviews from those that purchased The Awakening Series. Much love and gratitude to all!

*Excellent writing. Pulls at your heartstrings.

* This book is so well written! The author truly opens her heart and shares with the utmost kindness. I believe both books in the series are extremely healing to anyone who has experienced childhood sexual abuse and even in my personal case where I did not experience this, I know many close friends that have and it has helped me to understand the amazing courage it takes to come forward and share. I would recommend these books to counselors on all levels from trauma counselors to psychologists, psychiatrists, family counselors, school counselors, every form of counseling can benefit from reading these books!

*This needs to be in Oprah’s book club! Coming from a place of hopelessness into a place where she finds inner strength to rise up and face her situation is so empowering!! Every woman, and man, that had dealt with family issues of the horrific kind, needs to read this!! It will give you a different perspective on how to heal and truly feel empathy for others who have taken the same, or similar journey in life. Much love Eliza and I pray someone with a HUGE following, like Oprah (who walked a very similar path) finds this book and shares it!! You need to be heard. Much Light and Love to you. Namaste

*I think this should be a required reading in every Psychology 101 class in America. I was moved to tears reading this, knowing that this goes on everyday somewhere in the world. Ms. McDaniel has written brilliantly about the tragedy of abuse, the emotional complications associated with that abuse, and the hopeful journey to healing. She writes in a clear and concise style that lays bare the harsh truth and reality of a topic that is just now getting the recognition it needs. If you know someone who has been through this journey, please make sure they get a copy of this book and the other books in this series. I recommend this book for anyone that is interested in healing childhood trauma.

*Beautiful!! I so Admire this Lady, it is Amazing how she let the Love from God help her heal and Forgive! 

*This book is so well-written! I was overcome with emotion over how gracious the author was in writing this book. It’s not a I feel sorry for me book… it is a truthful and gripping Journey. I recommend this series for everyone. I have not suffered this kind of abuse but know many that have, it has given me a better understanding as a foster parent. I highly recommend both books in the series!

*Not only a great book and read but if you haven’t read the rest of the series than do yourself a favor and just order both books!! I understand there is another in the offing so support this honest author and her triumphant story of survival and moving forward. Thanks Eliza!

* A child should never have to feel this pain and confusion. I am amazed that she is able to find her strength and courage then again to be betrayed.

*The way that she details from her first book “Behind Closed Doors” to her second book “Journey to the Heart” How one can be mentally, physically and emotionally abused from an early stage in her life and still come out on top. To realize it wasn’t her fault. To keep plowing through and moving forward despite everything that had happened to her.

  • An incredible journey which placed Faith on a path of hardships and healings.

* Unimaginable story of a horrific childhood. Extremely well written. She has had the ultimate betrayed but has had the strength to come out the other side as a stronger and more powerful being.

  • I personally know the author and her life is a living example of how to turn tragedy into tranquility, pain into joy, betrayal of the highest order into blissful beauty. The last I heard, the issue of incest affects something like 4 out of 5 children. It is a horrific aspect of today’s society that must be addressed if it is ever to change. Sweeping it under the carpet is NOT the answer. Eliza brings hope to so many many people with her real story of not only survival but truly applying forgiveness that gives birth to TRUE FREEDOM from abuse.

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