Behind Closed Doors


Book 1 of The Awakening Series Books
by Eliza Anne McDaniel

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BEHIND CLOSED DOORS – Book One in The Awakening Series

Too often, families appear outwardly normal while hiding dark secrets. Behind Closed Doors unveils a true-life journey of child sexual abuse, breaking the silence once and for all, and inspiring others to do the same. Told in a narrative that spans generations, the novel reveals the insidious nature of pedophilia and the challenge to find self-worth, self-love, and a life of dignity after unspeakable betrayal.

From the author: “My purpose in writing Behind Closed Doors and the sequel Journey to the Heart is to provide aftercare, healing, and to touch the reader’s heart. We are not alone — I know many people who have experienced similar abuse, and I’ve been honest and blunt in addressing the humiliation and pain. By sharing this story, I hope people will be able to process and release their feelings, and be awakened to the joy and relief that comes from healing.”

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