Journey to the Heart


Book 2 of The Awakening Series by Eliza Anne McDaniel



Journey to the Heart is Book Two in The Awakening Series and follows the author as she heals from child sexual abuse.

Now a grown woman with children of her own, Faith faces the fallout of divorce, betrayal, and faulty judgments. With the “veil” still over her eyes, she must pick up the pieces of her life and become reborn—awakened—to a healed mindset. From unraveling to awakening, the journey is long, difficult and meandering. But Faith has always wanted to be a blessing to others, and by knowing the pain herself and others feel, she can help them heal.

From the author: “When we see things from a higher consciousness and go to the heart center, we no longer act out of the old way of thinking. Instead, we begin to see our path unfold and the lessons we learn for our journey. When we truly find the love for ourselves, then love and forgiveness becomes a reality in our being. It brings about a whole new mindset, and it is then we will never judge others for their journey.

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